Ensoniq MR Tips


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MR-Rack Reinitialize

There are three ways to reinitialize the MR-Rack. The preferred method is from the front panel. If the front panel doesn’t respond, try using the power switch. As a last resort, reinitialize the unit internally.

From the front panel:

  1. With the power on, press and hold down the SAVE button.
  2. While holding down SAVE, press the ENTER button.
  3. When prompted by the screen, press the ENTER button again.

With the power switch:

  1. Turn the unit off and then on 8 times. When you turn it on, it should be just long enough to see the display start to show characters. When you turn it off it should be just long enough for the display to go dim. On most units, a one second interval between on and off works well. Sometimes you may need to experiment with the interval between on and off.
  2. The eighth time you turn the unit on, the unit should automatically reinitialize itself and show the reinitialization screen.


Warning – Make sure the power is off and the power cord is disconnected from the unit.

  1. Short the positive (+) side of the battery to the case of the unit for a few seconds.
  2. When you turn the unit back on, it should be reinitialized.
MR-Rack Rotary Encoders The Performance rotary encoder on my MR-Rack broke. I found an article that describes how to replace the ASR-X rotary encoders but the MR-Rack uses a different encoder than the ASR-X.
The rotary encoders in the MR-Rack are Bourns part number ECW1D-C28-BC0024.
It was hard to find a distributor with stock on-hand. I had to order a quantity of the Bourns rotary encoders from Hammond Electronics, so I have extras for sale if anyone else needs them.